Evening Activities (Freeflight & Electric Flying)

The evening activities are a big draw for those coming to the Nationals and this year should be no exception. So what can you look forward to for 2018?
Evening Free Flight Jamboree
(Please note the free flight jamboree will not start until 15 minutes after all RC flying has finished, approx 6.15pm, to allow marshalls to define both a launch area and a safe spectator area)
Some say this is the ‘Spirit of the Nats’. At an upwind point on the airfield each evening. Hundreds will be out there and, for everyone’s safety, the sessions will be closely marshalled, please work with the marshalls to keep this a fun and safe evening activity. – their word will be final though! If you are attending the evening free flight activities, please ensure that your car is parked a sensible distance away and that you follow any instructions issued by our safety team.
Please note that you enter the evening free flight area at your own risk.
There will also be a Scale free flight competition taking place at the Scale runway intersection.
2 Evening Electric Flight lines.
Small electrics only on 2.4 GHz. This will be located on the Pylon flightline after flying has officially ended and
will be controlled and marshalled at all times.
There will also be flightline for rotorcraft which will be located at the Funfly flightline.
Don’t forget to bring proof of BMFA Insurance!!
For everyone’s safety flying of any aircraft in the campsite or outside of the designated areas is not permitted.
There is of course the beer tent which will be open to the early hours of the morning to give you chance to share a drink with those friends you haven’t seen for a while.