Helicopter (F3C & F3N)

F3C & F3N – Helicopter flight line at the BMFA Nationals

F3C is the category assigned by the FAI (The World Air Sports federation) for precision helicopter aerobatics.

In F3C, pilots must perform complex hovering and aerobatic manoeuvres. Each manoeuvre must be executed with high precision and skill in any attitude and under all weather conditions.

F3C comprises of 2 set schedules.  The Preliminary (P) Schedule and the more complicated Final (F) Schedule.  Both will be flown this weekend at the Nationals.


F3N – People often get confused with the term F3N with regards to helicopter competitions. It is just purely a classification given to a style of helicopter flying by the world governing body “Federation Aeronautique International”.

F3N breaks down into 3 specific rounds in the same manner as 3D Masters or Helimasters. It follows the format of major helicopter competitions around the World:

– Set Manoeuvres

– Freestyle

– Flight to Music

The purpose of the introduction of F3N is to provide a Competition which will have consistent standards of judging throughout the World and give Countries the chance to select a Team to compete in World and European Championships.

When practicing for this Competition, it gives an excellent grounding and discipline for all other 3D Competitions.

27. Duncans model
29. Daves Align (1)
30. Rachels model