Showline 2018

There is no doubt that in addition to the various competitions that constitute the National Championships, the Showline has grown over the years to become a major attraction of the August Bank Holiday weekend at Barkston Heath, providing a showcase for some of the
country’s top display pilots.

For 2018 we are joining the RAF in celebrating their centenary, the aim is to mark this historic occasion on the Showline with appropriately themed historic slots as well as the usual mix of top level display aircraft.

Showline Application Form 2018

The Showline is located at the Western end of the airfield, providing ideal viewing and parking arrangements. 

This year’s Showline will again feature two full days of flying (subject to suitable weather conditions of course) including solo slots from some of the country’s most talented pilots and spectacular aircraft, as well as multiple aircraft slots, themed flights and team displays, keep an eye out for some rare photo opportunities over the weekend.

You will see a huge range of aircraft parked in the pits area at the Showline (along the crowd fencing), be sure to come over and chat to the pilots and take in the action, we look forward to seeing you at Showline 2018.

Manny Williamson

Showline FDD